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Steve DiggsSteve’s Bio and Philosophy

“When I sold my business in 2000 my goal was to go from success to significance.” -Steve Diggs

For over 25 years Steve headed The Franklin Group, Inc., a marketing company he founded in Nashville in 1972.  After growing to a multi-million dollar company, in 2000 he sold the firm—and, determined to share the life-skills he had learned with others.

With decades of experience as a business owner, private investor, college teacher, minister, and personal finance and life-skills trainer, today Steve speaks more than 250 times annually at colleges, churches, conferences, businesses, conventions, and other events. Having spoken around the globe over 2000 times, Steve Diggs has become one of America’s most sought after speakers on the life-skills, money-skills, and “like-skills” that lead to vigorous, productive, motivated lives.

Always from a Christian worldview, Steve blends his unique sense of humor and passion as he speaks with authority on a host of topics.  However, with well over a 1000 presentations to date, Steve is best known for his Re-Tooled & Re-Fueled: Essential Christian Life-Skills Seminar and The No Debt No Sweat! Money Management Seminar.  

TV and Radio: With countless appearances on CNN, CBS Radio, and a host of other programs, today he can be seen on his popular weekly TV segment called The Big Picture with Steve Diggs.

Bestselling Author: Steve has written 6 national books and is a bestselling contributor to Promise Keepers’ What Makes a Man? clip

Business owner: Over 25 years Steve grew the Franklin Group, Inc. from his college dorm room into a multi-million dollar, international-award winning advertising and public relations firm. The Nashville based company also had a radio and television production division, music publisher, and a record label. CNN has called Steve “a public relations expert.”

Entrepreneur: Steve has founded multiple successful businesses including an investment real estate firm and a book publishing company that also produces educational curriculum.

Magazine, Newspaper, Web Articles: With well over 200 published articles, Steve is a regular contributor for a host of national publications and major websites, and is quoted by leading publications internationally.  His nationally syndicated newspaper column, The Big Picture by Steve Diggs, is a weekly source of inspiration and life-skill training.
The Big Picture

Broadcaster: Beginning in the 1960’s, Steve worked at five radio and television stations as a personality disc jockey, newsman, and weatherman. In the 1990’s Steve went national with his weekly Coast to Coast Gold Show combining interviews with the hit makers from the early days of rock-n-roll and Steve’s encyclopedic knowledge of the music business.

Recording Artist: In the seventies Steve recorded for Dot Records and performed as both a solo artist, and in several bands.                                                                  

 ● Private Investor: For over 30 years Steve has distinguished himself as a highly successful private investor, and money coach to others.

College Teacher: Steve taught college marketing and business for years. He has also been a visiting lecturer in universities throughout the US as well as in Russia and Poland.

Minister: In addition to his various businesses activities, Steve has served over ten years as a Christian minister.

Boards: Steve has served on various boards, including two advisory boards at Christian universities.

Today, Steve and his best friend, Bonnie, live in Brentwood, Tennessee. The couple have four adult children whom they home schooled. Joshua serves in full time ministry; Megan and Emilee are educators; and Mary Grace is slaying dragons as a college student.


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